Anna Vasileva
Anna Vasileva

Member of the Association of Interior Designers and Decorators of Russia (ADDI)
Member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID)

Anna has been professionally working on interior design since 2009. With financial education and experience in a large consulting company, Anna graduated from the best Russian design school «Details» and also from learn-and-practice Design Workshops. She has experience working on private and public interiors both in Russia and Europe.

Anna’s projects found their way into interior magazines, such as Architectural Digest, Interior+Design, Home and Interior, Beautiful Homes. 

Having commenced her decorator career in an architectural bureau, Anna has been driving her own projects since 2013.

According to Arcitectual Digest (Russia), Anna Vasilyeva is included in TOP-100 list of russian interior designers in 2017.

«I am ready to work with whatever styles, but I love classics as the stem for the interior and I am inspired by it. However, I always want to create interiors that are present-day actual – this is why I am always keen to re-think already established approaches, find new combinations, «shake, but not stir». In the first place, it is of course vital to hear the voice of the customer, however, the space that is being designed is also of paramount importance».